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Virtual cyber risk programme

Zurich, 2 February 2021

Cyber risk is a rapidly evolving topic that becomes more and more important for the insurance business.

As it is a relatively new risk, knowledge is still limited. If there is knowledge, it is ageing rapidly because of the speed of digital changes.

The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the field immensely. This outbreak has created new challenges for businesses as they adapt to an operating model in which working from home has become the ‘new normal’. Companies are accelerating their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is now a major concern. The reputational, operational, legal and compliance implications could be considerable if cybersecurity risks are neglected. Further to the growing concerns on cybersecurity, the Cyber Risk Group, in conjunction with the Eurapco Academy designed the Cyber Risk programme. Initially, the programme was scheduled to take place physically; however, it had to be re-designed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This programme aimed to increase knowledge and expertise at the Partners in the most efficient way and develop a basis for future collaboration on this topic.

A total of 37 participants (6 Partner companies) are attending the programme which was kicked off earlier this week and will resume again in March(6 Partner companies).

Are you interested in knowing more about the Cyber Risk programme?

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Panagiotis Veliotes

Marketing and Communication Specialist