Jur van Wamel Eurapco

Jur van Wamel joins the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team

We are excited to welcome Jur van Wamel as the newest member of the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team. Jur brings a wealth of experience in digital marketing and service design, with a focus on crafting innovative digital products and strategies. In this article, we will learn more about Jur’s background, what motivates him, and what he hopes to achieve in his new role at Eurapco. 

Jur’s experience includes guiding innovation processes from ideas to execution, focusing on data-driven decisions and developing digital products. He has a strong track record of enhancing the speed of innovation and building online communities. Jur believes that sharing knowledge is key to fostering innovation, as it saves time and sparks new ideas. He is excited to bring this approach to Eurapco to help create value and develop the lab into an industry-leading innovation hub. 

Jur is energized by pioneering in the digital field, whether it’s crafting digital products or strategic initiatives. He thrives on connecting with people and bringing them together, as well as working in a practical way and seeing real results. Jur finds great satisfaction in witnessing the impact of his work, knowing that his efforts make a difference. 

Outside of work, Jur is an exercise enthusiast, relying on it to boost his energy and maintain structure and discipline in his life. He values fitness not just for its physical benefits, but for its impact on his overall well-being and mindset. 

Jur’s biggest fear is regret; he does not want to look back and wonder why he didn’t pursue his dreams. He believes in taking risks and going after what he wants, even if it means not succeeding every time. For Jur, not trying is far worse than failing. 

At the Eurapco Innovation Lab, Jur looks forward to the unparalleled opportunity to make a meaningful impact on one-tenth of the people in Europe through innovative collaborations. He is enthusiastic about working in a dynamic, collaborative setting with a mix of perspectives from different people and companies. Jur sees this as a golden chance to make a significant difference for Eurapco’s partners and their customers while growing professionally. 

In conclusion, Jur’s extensive background in digital marketing and service design, along with his passion for meaningful work and connecting with others, makes him a valuable addition to the Eurapco Lab Innovation Team. We wish him all the best in his new role and look forward to seeing the contributions he makes to the lab and beyond.