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GOTHAER: first place as the most sustainable German insurer

Press Release – Zurich, 28 October 2020

In recent years, sustainability has become quite a prevalent topic. Since 2018, the consulting firm Zielke Research Consulting GmbH has been carrying out an analysis reviewing the sustainability reports of German insurance companies. According to Zielke, this analysis gives insurers the opportunity to create a benchmark comparison. The aim of this analysis is to make it easier for insurance customers to assess whether their money is being used in an environmentally friendly way.

Overall, the analysts examined a total of 46 reports, determining how transparently they disclose their business activities especially in regards to the environment, social issues and governance. Further to the review of these reports, it was determined that in 2020, Gothaer was the most sustainable insurance company in Germany.

Gothaer implemented concrete measures in order to reduce CO2 emissions such as the use of what is known as green electricity. In addition, the German Partner was commended for the incorporation of the ESG criteria into the company’s investment policy.

Thomas Barann, Head of Sustainability Management in the Gothaer Group, stated:

“We are very pleased about this award, as it recognizes and values Gothaer’s diverse and comprehensive work in the field of sustainability”

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