Facts & Figures


Eurapco is a unique alliance of 8 mutual European insurance companies operating successfully in a total of 18 different markets across Europe.

During the past year there was an increase in the number of customers insured by the Eurapco Partners from 40.1 million to 41.1 million people. This directly resulted in the combined annual GWP of more than €52.8 billion amongst the Eurapco Partners.

More specifically the combined annual results of the Eurapco Partners in 2016 showcased a €290 million increase in the GWP of Non – Life Insurance adding up to an exceptional €41 billion. For the same period a total of € 11.8 billion was showcased in Life Insurance. Additionally more than 66,000 people are employed by the Eurapco Partners across the world.

The Eurapco Alliance aims at reaching valuable impact by combining each other’s strengths. To achieve this, the Alliance focuses on key strategic themes such as innovation, cyber risk, digitalisation and welfare state. Within each of these themes Eurapco Partners are joining forces to explore new trends through knowledge exchange, best practices and innovative research.