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Eurapco Board

Each Partner Company is represented by its CEO in the Eurapco board, which meets regularly to steer and monitor the activities of the Alliance. The Chairman of the Eurapco board is Luca Filippone, General Manager of Reale Mutua, for the period 2019-2021. The Alliance follows a rotating chairmanship every second year.

We are very proud to be part of such a prestigious international alliance, the members of which chose to trust our Group and recognised our value. This partnership aims to enhance the potential and the specific competency of each company, helping us to reach our strategic goals in a more effective way, keeping our total independence. Moreover, all the partners of Eurapco share with us the mutual structure and thus, the Eurapco Alliance is even closer to our history and tradition and, certainly, to our future.

Our partnership with members of Eurapco is important to us. We share some considerable potential for development, which we should be leveraging to ensure we can capture the knowledge and expertise available in the wider context of the Eurapco Alliance. If we can take this partnership a step further, it could create a very big market player. I believe this is the right time to explore more vigorously the potential that lies within the Eurapco Partners.

Today the significance of international networking for national operating companies is increasing more and more. In the war of talent it is crucial to have access to international know-how. For this, Eurapco is the perfect platform for experience exchange as well as for developing joint solutions within our European Partners.

A Europe without any borders offers great opportunities to our corporate clients for their business. Every-day life and work of our clients and their employees become more and more international. We are well adviced to adopt the perspective of our clients and support them on their way.

Partnership is one of the basis of Covéa’s culture. The one initiated with Eurapco widens our field of vision and offers profitable exchanges upon best practices and market challenges with the other main european mutual insurers. In some areas, it gives opportunities to develop business.

Eurapco has an enormous potential as an association within the European Union, counting more than 65.000 employees and 40 billion Euros in total premium. The exchange of knowledge, the sharing of experience and our local specialisation will enable us to develop our business together, and this, amongst other advantages, gives us a tremendous strength in modern day Europe.

Being able to share ideas and experiences with the Eurapco members across Europe is worth a great deal to us. We become better together, and together we can shape the future for mutual insurance companies in a way we couldn’t do each on our own. We are proud to be part of Eurapco, and we know it helps us create value for our customers.

Eurapco is an Alliance where LocalTapiola has no doubts being involved, and whose network we will exploit intensively. Europe-wide trends like future demographical changes mean that well being and health solutions will remain in focus of all Eurapco Partners. Understanding and knowing the business of other partners is essential in order to benefit from the co-operation beyond the general level.

Actively cooperating together

In order to strengthen the Partners’ performance on their local markets and to optimise the development of synergies on a European level, the Eurapco team actively facilitates the cooperation between its members. Situated in the heart of Europe, Zurich based Eurapco is the vehicle to facilitate such cooperation.

The Eurapco activities include the exchange of knowledge, business, skills, resources and the development of management, always aiming at creating value for the Partners. To achieve these goals, Eurapco has set up a number of groups covering most of the business lines of its Partners and their support functions:

Motor Business Group Non-Life Reinsurance Business Group ICT Group
Health Group Non-Life Claims Group Human Resources Group
Private Lines Group Non-Life Actuarial Group Communication Group
Life & Pension Group Customer Centricity Group Procurement Group
Commercial Lines Business Group Innovation Group Legal & Compliance Group


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