The insurance industry is changing at a pace we have never encountered before, and we have to change along with it in order to remain relevant and on top of our game. To achieve excellence within these changes we all need to develop, not only on a company level but also on a personal level.

So how can we do this? Today I am proud to tell you about the Eurapco Academy. The Eurapco Academy has developed several programmes relevant to today’s market challenges. It is business focused and was created to provide our Partners with state-of-the art further education and development experiences.

We believe that cross-border learning is the key to creating impact within the Eurapco Partners. In support of this belief the Eurapco Academy offers a variety of different programmes and experiences which will help participants broaden their scope of skills, on both an academic and experiential level. 

Take athletes in the Olympics for instance. It is not talent alone that separates the good from the excellent athletes but it’s the amount of training and preparation that has gone into their craft the rest of their year leading up to the big event. Before a figure skater does his beautiful routine on ice he or she has done it a million times and failed a lot of times to make it perfect.

We have to remember that it’s OK to fail. However, we have to learn from our and other’s mistakes and work together to improve ourselves. The programmes Eurapco offers should help in this exchange and the development of people.

Our aim is to be an academy which does not only offer academic knowledge, but also experience. What differentiates us is that within one of our programmes participants will use this knowledge to further analyse real-life business challenges. To deal with such business challenges and help participants develop an all-around approach to dealing with them, we have created programmes such as the Non-life Claims Actuary programme. Within this programme we look at new models, learn how to communicate effectively, learn how to get what you need and most importantly build a trustworthy international network where you can freely share your challenges and ask for help. When you have completed the programme you don’t come out solely with new knowledge but also with a strong network that can support you in light of these challenges.

Of course for each of us to adapt to the challenges facing our industry and many other industries and create elasticity in our job we need to be open to learning new things. We must constantly strive to succeed; but this requires mistakes, experience and time.

Even after 4 years of doing this, I learn new things every day. Especially on an intercultural level, with eight different cultures that all have different behavioural components.

Be open to learning. In the Eurapco Academy programmes we include surprise elements to get people out of their comfort zone and open up.

Learning activates the brain and when you do something every day, it becomes second nature. So, try it first and do not give up!

I encourage all of you to browse through the newly developed Eurapco Academy website to find out about the programmes we offer to the employees of the  8 Eurapco Partners and our strategy of cross-border learning and acting on real business needs, among other things.

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