The past couple of months the Eurapco Alliance has been celebrating its 25 year anniversary. 25 years of collaboration between the Partners, what an achievement!

To celebrate this, some of the Eurapco team and myself travelled to all the Partner offices with a stand. We set up the stand for a day and welcomed anyone to come and celebrate, explore and become part of the network.

What a feat! Logistically it was an experience with lots of learning points. That is why I would like to thank everyone from the Partners who helped make this experience incredible. Thank you to the CEO’s of the Partners, the Eurapco Partner Committee, the business group chairpersons and all Eurapco group members for their efforts to promote Eurapco.

Going to the different offices of the Partner companies in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France Germany, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands felt each time like a warm bath. Being welcomed with so much warmth and kindness was something that is key to the Eurapco Alliance.

When talking to someone at one of the events, he said: ‘’you know Wilma, sometimes as Eurapco we don’t see what we can achieve and how easy it is to accelerate if we learn from each other’’. I couldn’t agree more. Eurapco is a trustworthy alliance where Partners can learn from each other’s mistakes by being vulnerable.

Nobody knows all the answers and if they say they do, don’t believe it! But I believe that with an open mind we can make the change happen. So, don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. Move on, learn and use your imagination to create the right direction for you and your company.

On a personal note, these events were overwhelming. Your belief in Eurapco is important to me and the alliance. I know a lot of change is happening within the insurers and there is an above average amount of work for you to do. I believe however, if you open up it can help move your projects forward. Take the opportunity in this trustworthy alliance to learn from each other’s mistakes.

Once again, thanks to all the people at the different Partner companies for making these events happen and thanks for the inspiration to move this trustworthy European network forward.


Congratulations for the 25th anniversary company of the Eurapco Alliance for you Wilma and the whole team. With my best regards Heinz

Thank you Heinz. I am proud of 25 years of international collaboration in the Eurapco Alliance.

Congrats! Eurapco is on the next level!

Hi Daniëlle, Thank you for your congratulations.

Dear Wilma,

congratulation on the anniversary. Is Eurapco interested in finding another Partner companies? I think the more Partners in alliance the broader opportnuties for experience exchange.

Best regards,
Peter Sloboda

Dear Peter, Thank you for your comment.

In 2015 we welcomed Reale Group into the Eurapco Alliance and at the moment we are focusing on the current cooperation between the 8 Partners. However, we are looking for broader opportunities to make sure the Partners can work better, faster or more cost effectively. We are doing this currently with third-party cooperation.

I would like to set up a call to hear your thoughts on this. One of my colleagues will get in touch with you.

Warm regards,

Dear Eurapco team.

This “Eurapco 25 journey” was one of the best examples of good Cooperation.
The past 6 months where inspiring and on a very high energy level. Inspiring people and give them an alternative view and perspective is almost core bussiness of Eurapco.
The events were at each partner very special with a local touch and from an “outside in view” on a new level. All visitors and participants had a great time, with a laugh and sometimes even a “wow moment”. Beautiful minds can change the world and “infect” partners by transferring lots of positive energy.
Great experience and thank you for letting me experience this journey.

Best regards,

Bert Baars Achmea

Dear Bert,

Thank you for your thoughts. I am glad you were there to support us and I will pass the message on to the team.

Warm regards,

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